STGCC 2014: Final Guests Announced!

STGCC 2014 has announced their final guests lineup, completing the 3-part series that we’ve been awaiting since June this year. Well then, let’s have a look at what they’re giving everyone:

stgcc-2014-masthead allguests

On with the guest lineup;

kimjacinto-work guest-kimjacinto
Aaron Kim E. Jacinto is a comic book artist from the Philippines, considering as one of the youngest rising stars at Marvel Comics; Commissioned to work on the 6th issue of Wolverine Max, he continued with other Marvel titles such as Venom, Indestructible Hulk and the Thunderbolts.

guest-aliga aliga-work
Moe cosplayer 梨嘉Aliga is from China, currently residing in Singapore. She has pulled off multiple characters successfully, such as Kotori from Love Live, 月火 and Ryuko from Kill La Kill.

angrywoebots-work guest-angrywoebots
Aaron “Woes” Martin aka Angry Woebots from Oahu is returning to STGCC once again this year, as the founder and member of Army of Snipers, an international collective of artists. Inspired from a life-threatening car accident, he got involved in an art movement that involved hip hop, punk rock, graffiti, toys and design; leading to his first 2002 exhibition as well as multiple galleries across the continents.
““Angry Woebots was never a name, it’s a weird name lol, it was a concept of what I created, concept of my art, from the car accident until now, from being in a dark place and coming out of the situation ready to change the negatives in my life, slammed into metal actually woke me up.”

evacomics-work guest-evacomics
Evangeline Neo, the creator of Evacomics; is pretty well known in the region, also a Singaporean locale who pursued her education in both San Francisco and Tokyo. She is most well known for her web-comics which depict cultural differences between USA, Japan and Singapore, striking a chord with over fifty thousand fans on Facebook. Just last month, she released her first book, “Eva, Kopi and Matcha” which became a best-seller in Books Kinokuniya.

guest-lenneth lenneth-work
Lenneth is a well-known cosplayer from Singapore, but currently based in the United States, with over 13 years of illustrious cosplays, with her most recent fan-favourite works being from the series Free! as well as from Kill La Kill!

Matt “Sekure D” Fabris has created waves around the world with his sensational sneaker art. As one of the top 10 sneaker artists from around the world, his works have been exhibited in multiple art museums in Australia and Europe. He has also designed pieces for Walt Disney.

philiptan-work guest-philiptan
Philip Tan is a penciller, inker and cover artist who has worked for Marvel, DC, Image and WIldstorm; and is best known for his Spawn and The Outsiders runs. He has worked on Thor, Ironman, Uncanny X-Men, Final Crisis:Relevations, The Savage Hawkman for The New 52, as well as The Phantom Stranger with Dan Didio and J.M. DeMatteis.

scotttelleson-work guest-scotttelleson
Scott Tolleson is a designer for Walt Disney’s array of merchandise, events and parades; but he also has companies Kidrobot, Google, Skybound, October Toys, Freak Store, Toy2R, 3dRetro, Topps, Clutter, Mighty Jaxx & Pobber under his portfolio. He has created multiple productions such as Tricycle Terror, Big Rollin’ Rascal, Deadbeet, Kookie No Good, Otis & Otto.
Recently, he also rolled out his original line of characters featuring Malicus & Trayjus.

Oh, and a nice surprise for all Hot Toys fans out there, a surprise announcement!

With such a big array of over 20 guests making their way to STGCC this year, can you truly, truly afford to miss out on this great STGCC 2014 experience? Ticket sales are still running hot, be sure to grab a pair for both event days soon!

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2014 (Preview)

We recently got the chance to travel to Hong Kong, to provide coverage for one of the largest japanese animation, cosplay and game convention being held in East Asia: Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2014!

This convention lasts a whopping 5 days, between 25-29 July 2014, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, this event was a sight to behold, with much of the region’s largest exhibitors swooping by to have gigantic merchandise booths within the hallways.

It enjoys so much popular support by anime enthusiasts that the queue to get in snakes Continue reading