Conclusion of World Cosplay Summit 2015 and World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay (WKG) in Nagoya, Japan

World Cosplay Summit 2015 was held in Nagoya, Japan this year; with a total of 28 participating nations! (Including Canada and Sweden as observer nations)

All right, first we’ll address the important facts, the results!
Best Wig: Team Spain
Best Sound: Team Japan
Best Cosplay (Costume): Team USA
Best Performance: Team China
Nico Nico Awards (Choice of the public by Nico Nico): Team Mexico
HIS Award (Choice of the public by phone): Team Hong Kong
Third Place: Team USA
Runners-Up: Team Italy

And last but definitely not the least…THE GRAND CHAMPIONS!
Team MEXICO! Series: Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask!
They are Team Twin Cosplay from Deluca City, Mexico!
Their official page announcement of the win.
Source: World Cosplay Summit
Source: World Cosplay Summit
Team Mexico’s Winning Performance

Source: World Cosplay Summit
This year’s judges panel included 2014’s WCS World Champions from Russia, Nek and Nichi; together with multiple professionals from the video game and manga industries.

The event also witnessed voice actors Haruka Tomatsu and Tomokazu Sugita as special guests!

We found a full record of the livestream video here:

Note: The full list of participants in the World Cosplay Summit competition this year are
Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, U.K., Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Portugal, and Kuwait.

Just before the World Cosplay Summit competition, the NIPPON World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015 also took place, with participants around the world being shortlisted to represent their countries through online auditions/recordings!

Ms. Celes Caelestis from Team Thailand won this WKG competition in a gorgeous Saber cosplay costume!
Source: Cosmode Thailand

We’re still looking for videos/recordings of the participants’ performances!

More details to come!

Lisa 2015 Solo Singapore Concert

It was an extremely hot day, even our friends’ luggages were being fried.


So it was a very happy moment that we stepped into the air-conditioned basement of Resort Worlds Theatre this evening;
For the first ever solo of LiSA in Singapore: LiVE is Smile Always!

Photo Source: AFA – Anime Festival Asia (
(P.S. Arrival information was also provided to Singapore fans so a large crowd was at Changi Airport last night to welcome her!)

Fans were queuing up early in the morning (even though the concert started at 6.30pm) for their opportunity to get the limited LiSA merchandise, such as her Launcher album which came with a special free gift.

Photo Source: Anime Festival Asia (

This was LiSA’s setlist of 20 songs for the concert, inclusive of 2 encore songs!
コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster]
Crossing Field
Thousand Enemies
oath sign
蜜 [Mitsu]
一番の宝物 [Ichiban no Takaramono]
Little Braver
Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (cover)
君にピエロ [Kimi Ni Piero]
Yuukei Yesterday (Mekaku City Actors)
Rally Go Round
Confidence driver
Rising Hope
エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]
シルシ [Shirushi]

Home (cover)
いすかの手紙 [Itsuka no Tegami]
Crow Song
(Setlist credited to Crispyegg)

Highlights from the concert:
(If you’ve already noticed) LiSA connected to the Singapore crowd with a rendition of the home favourite, “Home” (Yes, that pun! :d); as well as song segments from 3 popular AKB48 songs!
A fan’s large minion plush was accepted by her; with tons of interaction on-stage; before it was returned to the fan graciously; albeit together with a memorable experience and a new chouchou :D (She’s a very big fan of the Minions!)

Photo source: Ani-culture (
Fans planned and coordinated to sing a special Japanese segment to bring LiSA back after her initial concert conclusion; instead of the usual ‘encore’ cheers; and she reciprocated in kind with that segment as well!
Lisa also enjoyed teaching the crowd to sing and dance together with her; and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the parts of the crowd understood Japanese!

Apart from official photographer photos with the crowd; LiSA also took several selfie photos and a panorama with the Singapore audience, so do expect an official post from her soon!
Edit: And it’s up!

Photo source: Lisa’s official Twitter
Oh, she also said Arnold’s favourite words ;) “I’d be back. (Singapore!)”

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