STGCC 2017: Interview With Felin Fern Cosplayer From Thailand!

At STGCC 2017 which happened just 2 weeks ago, we were extremely fortunate to be able to interview Felin Fern Cosplayer , from the Land Of Smiles, Thailand!

She was invited to STGCC by Velvet Room, to be their booth guest, together with 5 local cosplayers.

Short Introduction To Felin Fern Cosplayer

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Miss Felin yet, she’s an amazing cosplayer from Thailand with over 30 thousand fans on Facebook, and ranked in the top 1000 on ->

Here are some of her amazing works:

Photography by キヰラ Kiwira


Photography By ButterFile Artist

Photography By ButterFile Artist

And here’s the amazing interview that we had with Miss Felin!

Q: Hi! Welcome to Singapore, Miss Felin. How do you find this event and the local folks so far?

A: They’re really very good! Very welcoming and very nice so far 🙂

Q: Why did you select Maki as the cosplay character to bring to Singapore?

A: Actually, I think I became more famous because of Maki…people know me because I cosplay Maki, and moreover my Singapore friends tell me to cosplay “Maki Maki Maki”…so I cosplay Maki in Singapore!

Q: So from there…how many versions of Maki have you cosplayed?

A: -Felin gives a contemplative face and laughs- “Oh…” Many many many many cosplays of Maki, and many costumes, maybe around 20 costumes of Maki. I have used 2-3 wigs for Maki.

Q: What future costumes (in the next few months) are you planning to make?

A: For this month, I plan to cosplay ROV (mobile game) and Yuki Onna from Onmyouji.

I like Yuki Onna because when I saw the game, people cosplayed a lot of Yuki Onna, but they don’t know they are cosplaying a ghost-type, their costumes are too “Japanese” or “cartoon-like”, so I would want to do a better depiction of this game character.

The game is now in Thailand, it has a Thai version with Thai language, since 1 month ago.

Q: What other countries do you plan to visit for events and photoshoots in the future?

A: I plan to go to Japan next August for Comiket, I want to see sexy girls there 😉 As it’s hot, so they will wear swimsuits ^^

Q: When doing photoshoots, do you prefer to go solo, or cosplay with a team?

A: I like to do group shoots because I can meet a lot of friends! To meet people who are interested in the same anime as me. But solo shoots are also good, because sometimes I don’t have time to meet my friends!

Q: Recently in the region, I noticed there have been more and more cosplay studios opening up. Have you done any photoshoots in the studios?

A: Yes! I did photoshoots in 2 Taiwan studios before, they’re both very nice! There are 2 studios in Thailand too!

Q: So would you prefer to do studio shoots or outdoor shoots?

A: I usually prefer studio shoots because no one else can come in (Security)…and aircon definitely!

Q: This Maki photo is the one that brought you a lot of attention overseas, how did you plan this photo?

A: When I saw the PV, a teaser of the Love-Live movie, I told my photographer that I want to take this shot, and we have to take it ‘this week’! And that’s my photographer’s car.

Q: So when you saw that this photo became so popular, and even had a few hundred shares, how did you react to that?

A: I didn’t think about the number of shares, I thought that its fun!

Q: How did you create the props for these D’Va and Mashu costumes?

Photography By ButterFile Artist

Photography By Gelleria De Piki

A: For the D’Va costume, this is 3D-modelled by my friend! It’s very realistic, my friend wanted to do 3D modelling and asked me if I have any suitable projects…so we decided on D’Va! He took 1 week to create this.

For the shield, I have a costume team in Thailand that makes a lot of armor, that helped me to make this shield! I have to wear the shield and have my measurements taken, and also instructed them on which materials to make the shield.

Q: For this photo, we’re interested to find out about this location, how you managed to get such a nice location to shoot it?

Photography By Butterfile Artist

A: This is actually for car parking, like a garage, belongs to my photographer. So we set up everything in the garage, we did this up before the Overwatch animation on Mei appeared, about 3 months before it appeared.

Q: What’s the most interesting fan or friend that you have met so far?

A: I think the most interesting friend I have met so far is Hiko! I met her since she came to Thailand once for an event!

Q: What kind of photography styles do you prefer, when working with photographers?

A: Actually I have my main photographer, when I have a photoshoot I want to do, I let him know the mood and tones that I want, and then I will draw an art-board and send it to him. All planned before the shoot!


Q: Ok and lastly, can you say a few words for your fans in Singapore?


And that’s a wrap for this interview! Hope you enjoyed it, and do look forward to more upcoming interviews in the future.

We’ll leave you with a few additional photos of Felin that we shot at the event below, cheers!

Shot By Kosmo


Tips From A FB Marketer: How To Run Your Cosplay Facebook Page 专业脸谱营销者教你如何管理你的cosplay脸谱页)

Hi there!

As some of you may know, besides being an active cosplay photographer, cosplayer, shoot assistant, official event photographer, official media, cosplay guest assistant, cosplay competition organiser, etc at events around Southeast Asia and East Asia (It’s to show I’ve got some experience and credentials),


My actual profession is a Facebook Marketer.

I’m helping quite a number of cosplayers to run their Facebook page, or to provide timely advice on page management.  (If you’re interested to find out more or work together, message me at my page here or email me at

Today, on the last day of 2016, looking at the influx of so many cosplayer pages, I’ve decided to start sharing some tips for everyone on:

Running Your Cosplay Facebook Page





我已经正在帮助许多cosplayer管理他们的脸谱页面,或提供所需求的页面管理建议。 (如果你有兴趣了解更多或想和我一起合作,请在我的脸谱页面发个讯或发个电子邮件至



  1. Why Are You Running This Page? (Set Goals)

Running A Cosplayer Facebook Page is a long-term branding activity, just like running any business’s page. It’s one channel to brand your very own cosplay name (or cosplay group name).

As such, if you are going to be serious about your page, it’s wise to consider your long-term goals, what exactly do you want to achieve with your page?

Some Examples of Long-Term Goals

  • Get over 10000 Likes to satisfy your ego
  • Showcase the costumes, props, makeup, dance performances etc that you take pride in creating
  • Get invited to be a cosplay guest at events
  • Get invited to perform as a group at more events
  • Enjoy finding fans of common interest to chat with
  • Get your cosplay ‘senpai’s to notice you
  • Have a large following of cosplayers so you can sell your 2nd-hand costumes easily
  • Get offers from more cosplay photographers to shoot you
  • Make money by selling products like posters, photobooks, etc

Of course, a page can have many goals, but you must decide on a Primary goal to focus on. This primary goal, of course, can change over time with big changes in your cosplay life.

After you have decided your Primary Goal…

一。为什么要跑此页呢? (设立目标)
跑一个Cosplayer 脸谱页面是一个长期的推销品牌活动,就像跑任何商家的页面一样。它是一个品牌推销通道来推销你自己的cosplay名字(或cosplay组名称)。



  • 获得超过10000个脸谱赞数,以满足你的自我
  • 展示你自己创造而自豪的服装,道具,化妆,舞蹈表演等
  • 受邀成为一个cosplay活动嘉宾
  • 获得邀请在更多活动中搞一个团体表演
  • 喜欢寻找共同感兴趣的粉丝聊天
  • 获取您的cosplay senpai的注意
  • 有许多cosplayers粉丝,所以你可以轻松地卖掉你的二手服饰
  • 获得更多的cosplay摄影师邀请和你拍摄
  • 通过销售海报,相簿等产品赚钱


2. Who Is The Facebook Page For (Target Audience)

With your Primary Goal in mind, you should start getting an idea of who you want to attract to your page, to get the optimum results. Do you want…

  • Cosplay Photographers?
  • BL enthusiasts? (Image source:
  • Supportive fans who are likely to purchase your merchandise or listen to your advice? (Image source: )
  • Event organisers?
  • Other cosplayers? Local or International?
  • Common fans of a certain game/anime series? (Image source:
  • Easy-to-get male fans on the net who like to click and see ‘the skin stuff’?
  • etc?

Once you’ve decided who you want your Facebook page to be for, you can start deciding on your Content Strategy…


考虑到您的主要目标后,您就应该开始了解您最希望能够吸引到的页粉丝,以获得最佳结果。 你到底是要。。。

  • Cosplay摄影师?
  • BL爱好者? (图片来源:
  • 喜欢购买您的商品或听取您的建议的支持者? (图片来源:
  • 活动组织者?
  • 其他cosplayers? 本地还是国际?
  • 一个游戏/动漫系列的常见粉丝? (图片来源:
  • 男性网上迷,喜欢点击看到“多皮肤的东西”?
  • 等等?
  • 一旦你决定了你的Facebook页面的用户,你可以开始决定你的内容策略…

3. Content Strategy (What kind of content should I post?)

Now, I know that many of you think: “But my content will be my cosplay costumes and photos taken by photographers, what else can I put?”

Fear not, it’s actually quite simple to create a huge variety of different content.

As we have the Primary Goal and the Target Audience, we can start planning our post content. What will be content that will interest your Target Audience the most? How can we tweak the content to steer it towards the Primary Goal?

Content you can come up with include:

  • Boobs, abs, ass, legs, more boobs, more abs, more ass, more legs (We know its true, this works GREAT for some Target Audiences)
  • Real Life Interaction with fans
  • Online contests and giveaways
  • Behind-The-Scene of how you work with photographers                                                                         (Image source:
  • Working with partners and other cosplayers
  • Views and perspectives on different cosplay issues
  • Causes and organisations that you support
  • Costume/Prop/Makeup/Photo-Editing tutorials
  • Cosplayers that inspire you
  • Live event/photoshoot coverage
  • Daily Life
  • And much more! Go Wild on content!

Always decide which content is relevant: Would you want to keep posting tutorials if you’re looking to attract photographers to work with you? Would you post daily life updates if you’re looking to gain many new fans quickly? Would you keep posting sexy photos of yourself if you want to engage with fans in intelligent conversation on the page?

Once again, be intelligent in choosing how you’ll like to steer the direction of your conversations and Target Audience on Facebook.

Fun Fact: Facebook shows its more-recent content types to a higher % of your audience. Currently that would be videos and Facebook Live.






  • 胸部,腹肌,屁股,腿,更多的胸部,更多的腹肌,更多的屁股,更多的腿(这是真的,这类图片为某些目标观众非常有效!)
  • 真实生活与粉丝的互动
  • 在线比赛和赠品
  • 背后场景:如何与摄影师合作                                                                                                                 图片来源:
  • 与合作伙伴和其他cosplayer合作
  • 关于不同cosplay问题的观点
  • 支持的组织
  • 服装/道具/化妆/照片编辑教程
  • 启发你的Cosplayers
  • 直播活动/拍摄照片
  • 日常生活
    以及更多! 去把内容搞得疯狂些吧!


趣味事实:Facebook通常会向更高百分比的受众群体展示其最新的内容类型。目前,将是视频和Facebook Live。

4. Advertising on Facebook

There are 2 common types of Facebook advertising that we like to do: Getting Page Likes, and Boosting A Facebook Page Post.

-Getting Page Likes

Page Likes’ rates depend on the countries that you are targeting. For my own country, Singapore, the cost of getting 1 like is much higher than our neighbouring countries, such as Malaysia or Vietnam.

There are many different types of targeting you can use, to change the type of person that will see your Page Like Ads and like your page.

I high advise that you read up on Facebook’s 20% Text Rule (Text must occupy no more than 5 out of 25 boxes, if u divide the photo into 25 equal boxes); so that you can reach more people at the same price. (Aka it becomes cheaper overall)

-Boosting A Facebook Page Post

In choosing which post(s) you want to boost, sometimes you have a very important post that will help your long-term goal (Such as a Giveaway post, a ‘Looking for photographer’ post, getting fans to support your participation in some cosplay contest, etc)

Otherwise, if you’re just trying to decide which of your recent posts you want to boost, here’s the easy way.

I’ll use my own Facebook page as an example:


Go to Insights > Posts,

Look at all the posts that you may want to boost.

If you just want to boost your post to get the interest of more people, consider the ratio of Post Clicks (Blue Bar on the right); the higher ratio, the better the post will be to boost.

If you just want to boost your post to get more people to comment/share, then consider the ratio of Reactions, comments & shares (Purple Bar on the right) to Reach; the higher ratio, the better the post will be to boost.

Quick exercise: In the 6 posts I’ve shown above in the photo, which is (Clearly) the best post to boost to let my post get the interest of more people?

Fun Fact: You can also focus-target who you want to boost the posts to.

Still confused, or want me to help you out? Message me at my page here or email me at 🙂



– 获得页面喜欢



我高度建议你阅读脸谱的二十%文本规则(文本必须占用不超过二十五个框中的五个,如果你将照片分成二十五等于框);以便您可以以相同的价格接触更多的人。 (整体会变得更便宜)

– 提倡Facebook专页信息











还是感到困惑,或是想要我帮助你?请给我的页面送个短讯过去,或给我发电子邮件至 🙂

FAQ (Here are some common questions I get)

Q: How often should I post on Facebook?

A: There’s no optimum frequency really! But of course, you need to post content often to keep your audience’s interest; I’d recommend 1-2 posts a day at the most, so that Facebook doesn’t start cutting down on your reach per post in the same day. (Posts from the same Facebook page ‘fighting’ to be seen by the same audience)

Q: What time of the day should I post?

A: It’s not always true, but my advice would be to look at your insights > posts > TIMES graph, to see when most of your fans are online. (So for mine, as seen below, it would be around 11am or 9pm)


Q: I already have a Facebook page that I’ve been running for a long time with many fans, how can I find out who my fans are, in general?

A: Go to > People Connected To Your Page

Start by choosing your audience’s country (By Default it starts with the United States), as well as which Facebook Page you’ll looking at.

From there, you can see

  • Which countries are most of your fans from
  • Their average age and gender
  • What job industries they are from
  • Most spoken language(s)

Q: What’s your advice on handling Facebook comments and messages?

A: Prioritise those in your preferred Target Audience. Ignore spam messages+Hide spam comments.

If you have too many comments to respond to, respond only to the most relevant comments and ‘like’ the rest of the comments.

Best if you have a helper, get them to highlight only the very important messages to you; and have them help answer/reply the non-specific comments.

Q: What are some fans not seeing my posts at all?

A: The more your fans see your post and interact with it, the higher the chance that they’ll see it again soon.

The lesser they click, like, comment or share your posts, the lesser of your page posts that they’ll see in the future.

That’s the way Facebook works now. Also, the more fans your page has, the lower the % of fans that will see your content.

With the right Target Audience, If you are seeing a very little number of people seeing your posts, usually it means that your content is too boring; you will have to revise your content strategy.

You’ve arrived at the end of this article, thanks for reading so far!

Are you still confused, or want me to help you out? Message me at my page here or email me at 🙂



答:真的没有最佳频率!但是当然,您需要经常发布内容以保持观众的兴趣;我最多推荐每天发布1-2个帖子,以便Facebook不会在同一天内减少每个帖子的覆盖面。 (同一个Facebook页面的帖子要被同一个观众看到而“战斗”起来)



答:这不一定一百八仙正确,但我的建议是看看你的见解>帖子> TIMES图表,看看大多数粉丝何时在线。 (对我来说,如下图所示,将是上午11点或晚上9点)

















还是感到困惑,或是想要我帮忙你?请给我的页面送个短讯过去,或给我发电子邮件在 🙂