Cosplayers’ Merchandise list: Upcoming Fancy Frontier 27 (Taiwan) Event

We’ll be going to the Taiwan FF27 event end of this month (Less than 2 weeks’ time!);
As a cosplay-centric blog we’ve created a list for you; of the merchandise being sold by cosplayers at their booths in FF27!

If there’s anything you’d like to get; feel free to drop us a comment or message; We want to help you out too😉

Let’s begin! Arrangement by hanyu pinyin alphabetical order (Page Name)

Cosplay page: 阿兆 Ajo (
Cosplayer name: 阿兆
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: ☆阿兆☆Ajo (Day 2: K34)
-A.N.G.E.L-Ajo x Stocking Cosplay Book (A4, 112P): NT.700
Full Color Bag: NT.150
Postcard Set: NT.100
Photobook Package (Photobook+Bag+Postcard Set): NT.800 (Pre-order, includes autograph) or NT.900 (Non-preorder)

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 27/1.

Cosplay page: Angie0_0 ( with King TW Cosplayer (
Cosplayer names: Angie, King / 狂间
Nationality: Malaysian (Angie), Taiwanese (King)
FF Booth: AngiexKing cosplayer (Day 1: K19, K20. Day 2: J19, J20.)
楪祈cosplay photobook+LoveLiveCosplayCollection photobook: NT.800 (Special Price), includes preorder gift of 楪祈袋子 and any 1X poster selection.
楪祈cosplay photobook: NT.350, includes B5 photobook (28 pages) and 楪祈袋子
LoveLiveCosplayCollection cosplay photobook: NT.500, includes B5 photobook (48 pages) and any 1X poster selection.

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 2016/01/23

Cosplay Page: Candi & Sou (雙糖*糖霜) (
Cosplayer name: 糖糖(Candi)&雙霜(Sou)
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 雙糖*糖霜 (Day 2: K29, K30)
*《ほんのり穂乃果色!》CandixHonoka Photobook (B5, 96P): NT.600
*《歌與~KAYO~》SouxHanayo Photobook (B5, 52P): NT.350
*CandiSouxHonoHana Pair Photobook Package: NT.850 (Preorder till 1/28) or NT.950 (Event Price)

Preorder online at

Cosplay Page: Inchi めろメロ(
Cosplayer name: inchi
Nationality: Hong Kong
FF Booth: めろメロClub (Day 1: L02, Day 2: K02.)
Kotori x Silver Photobook (A4, 32P): NT.400
(Preorder only) Kotori Poster (A3): NT.100


Cosplay Page: HIKO (
Cosplayer name: HIKO
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: HIKOHIKO (Day 2: K32)
水戦ノ華 (鳥海改二 X 摩耶改二) (B5, 16P): NT.200

Onsite purchase only, no preorders.

Cosplay Page: Hitomi TW Cosplayer (
Cosplayer name: Hitomi
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: Hitomi TW Cosplayer (Day 1: K33, K34. Day 2: J24.)
A.Prison School -芽衣子Photobook (A4,24P): NT.500
B.Shiro Neko x Kuro Neko Combined Photobook (Limited Edition: 20 books. Each Book A5, 16P): NT.300
C.Shiro Neko photobook (Pyjamas) NT.200
D.Shiro Neko photobook(Seifuku) NT.200
E.Kuro Neko photobook (Pyjamas) NT.200
F. Kuro Neko photobook (Seifuku) NT.200
C-F: A5, 16P
G. (C~F set) NT.800
C~F limited edition: 20 sets per book
Single coaster NT.300
One additional book purchase for NT.100
Special edition vice president photobook NT.150

Preorder online at , collect at FF and make payment online/onsite. Onsite collection gets mystery gift.
First wave of preorder ended 16 January; Second wave possibly incoming.

Cosplay page: Luffy Cosplayer (

Cosplayer name: Luffy
Nationality: Hong Kong
FF Booth: Luffy~COS! (Day 1: K27, K28. Day 2: J27, J28.)
Luffy X A-rise Tsubasa Photobook  (B5, Full-Colour, 44P): NT.500
Series: A-rise Tsubasa (Shocking Party/Halloween/校服/水著)
Preorders will receive a namecard.

Preorder online at
Preorder end date: 25/1

Cosplay page: May梅 Cosplayer (
Cosplayer name: May梅
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: Miroir米諾 (Day 1: K03, K04) through MirOir 鏡 Photography 創意攝影 (
Halloween Special Edition Posters
(More details to be announced)


Cosplay page: 喵神教地球宣教本部 (

Cosplayer name: 小艾
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: ☆ 喵神教 ╳ 酷魔王 ☆ (Day 1: K05, K06. Day 2: K11, K12)
《 にゃにゃにゃにゃー 》  photobook (80 pages) with photographer Kaworu
Series: ラブライブ! School idol project
Character: 星空 凛
Costumes: 夏季制服 / 冬季制服 / 微熱からMystery / 婚紗覺醒 / 開胸毛衣(同人ver.)
A4 full-colour photobook: NT.800
ROM (200 1920x1280px photos, 5 mini self-recorded videos): NT.300
Special package: Photobook, ROM and Special Gift (Awakened Qipao version, A3 size poster)
Preorder bonus: Personal autograph
Special package (With Personal autograph): NT.1000

Order format: Preorder online at, then pickup at FF27/postage.
Preorder end date: 1月24日(日) 12 midnight

Cosplay page: Misa Chiang (

Cosplayer name: Misa Chiang
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: Misa大叔是大OO學長 (Day 1: K26. Day 2: J25, J26.)
Misa x Tatsumaki Cosplay Photobook (Full Colour, B5, 20P)
Series: One Punch Man
Character: Tatsumaki
Peasant Package (Preorder, COD): NT.500 includes photobook, paper bag and postcards
Big Spender Package (Preorder only): NT.800 includes photobook, paper bag, ROM, 1 autograph board, 桌上人形立牌, namecard, 1 meet-and-greet coupon

Order format: Order online, pick up at FF27/postage.
Preorder online at
Preorder ends: 1/20 (三)

Cosplay pages: 肉感少女-Neneko ( and 霜月shimo (

Cosplayer names: Neneko and 霜月
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: ▼DREAM.Project【2.5】影像事務所 (Day 1: L33, L34, L35, L36.) by DREAM.Project (
城ヶ崎美嘉 X 城ヶ崎莉嘉
保登心愛 X 香風智乃
白木芽衣子 X 綠川花
4.Original JK&JC
Taiwan COSPLAY GIRL~肉感少女☆NENEKO~ 制服Character JK X JC 同人寫真BOOK (Photographer: 吉田舜 影像事務所)
Taiwan COSPLAY GIRL~霜月☆SHIMO~ 制服Character JK 同人寫真BOOK (Photographer: 吉田舜 影像事務所)

Cosplay page: Shiraga Yanko しらが泱 (

Cosplayer name: 小泱
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: しらが泱♥cosplay (Day 1: K35, K36. Day 2: J35, J36.)
Kashima ‧ Zeppelin – 輸送作戰後の日々
(Shiraga Yanko x Kantai Collection Cosplay photobook)
Ordinary package: NT.600 Photobook + Paper Bag
Premium package: NT.800 Photobook + ROM + 4 namecards + 鹿島乳 + Paper Bag
Limited Preorder: NT.1200 Photobook + ROM + 4 namecards + 鹿島乳 + Paper Bag + 馬克杯 + Special Album

Preorder online at
Preorder end-date: 01/20

Cosplay Page: Sayu (
Cosplayer name: sayu
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: insayu cosplay (Day 1: L26.)
Buongiorno, Acquamarina!  ARIA COSPLAY PHOTO BOOK 2016​ (Photographer+Postprocessing: anthonyc) (B5, 50P): NT.400 One Photobook + One free random postcard

Photographer + Postprocessing: anthonyc Source:

Photographer + Postprocessing: anthonyc

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 25/1.

Cosplay page: 佐川千尋-Chihiro (

Cosplayer name: 佐川千尋
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 佐川千尋Cosplayer (Day 1: K29, K30. Day 2: J31, J32.)
【SUPER CHIHIRO】Photobook (16K, 34P)
Series: Super Sonico
Photographer: 小悲紙袋
Costumes: 3DS藍白洋裝、暴力熊、黑色吉他手辦版、貓咪內衣版
Photobook Ordinary Set: NT.500: Full colour photobook, Special Autograph Board (Limited to Preorder customers)
Photobook Premium Set: NT.800: Full colour photobook, ROM (1600x2400px), 索尼子呸囉棒(四款隨機), Special Autograph Board (Limited to Preorder customers), Paper Bag, Special Gift

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 22/1.

Cosplay Page: 灀月。Shuàng (
Cosplayer Name: 灀月
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 隱龜灀戰隊!(Day 1: L31, L32. Day 2: K07, K08)
霞色之空Photobook(32P)+ROM+Postcards+Special Postcard(Preorder before 1/25): NT.550
B5 Photobook (32P)+ROM (50枚up): NT.450
Postcard Set (6 versions: 冬制、夏制、泳裝、私服 、內衣、居家服): NT.120

Preorder online at

Cosplay Pages:Ten天-てんちゃん (, 呼嚕嚕小怪’s Cosplay ( and 千君〃Sen Kun (
Cosplayer Names: てんちゃん, 小怪, 千君
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: T.M.S戰隊 (Day 1: L11.)
ラブライブxT.M.S戰隊 Cosplay Photo Book (A5, 32P) + Postcards + A4 Poster for NT.300
南ことり Only: Photo Book (A4, 32P) + Postcards + Preorder Limited Edition A4 Poster for NT.320

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 22/1.

ラブライブ! RINxTEN cosplay photo book
A4/52P : NT.500
A5/32P : NT.200
A4+A5 Photobook Set: NT.600

Preorder online at
Preorder ends 22/1.

Cosplay page:
Terri 冰嵐 Cosplayer (
Cosplayer name: 冰嵐
Nationality: Hong Kong
FF Booth: Miroir米諾 (Day 1: K03, K04) through MirOir 鏡 Photography 創意攝影 (
MID or AFK Cosplay Photobook (A4, 30P) NT.360
Poster (A3) NT.100
Photobook + Poster Set: NT.400
Additional A4 poster for on-site collection after preorder.

Preorder at:

Cosplay page: 甜食超人-毛毛(Momo) (
Cosplayer name: 毛毛(MOMO)
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 毛毛身高180 (Day 1: K01, K02)
『MOMOx智乃 Cappuccino』 set, consisting of:
Specially made hand-flippable desk calendar
Full-colour photobook
Coffee Coaster
Specially-made personally-autographed namecard
Pre-order ONLY Cappuccino Coffee Bag
Set price: NT.850

Character:香風 智乃 Cosplayer:MOMO 影像Photographer:COIN Photo source:

Character:香風 智乃 Cosplayer:MOMO 影像Photographer:COIN
Photo source:

Order format: Preorder online, then pickup at FF27.
Preorder online at
Preorder end-date: 01/28(四) 11:59pm


Other cosplayer booths (No merchandise announced yet):

Cosplay Page: Ely Cosplay (
Cosplayer name: E子
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: +Ely Cosplay+ (Day 1: L19, L20. Day 2 (She won’t be there): K19, K20.)

Cosplay Page: 夫米 Fumi (
Cosplayer name: 夫米
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: フミ★コメ (Day 1: L15)

Cosplay Page: HalloWind(
Cosplayer name: It’s a cosplayer group.
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: HalloWind (Day 1: K21, K22.)

Cosplay Page: Kinoko x 菌 cosplayと日常 ( and Hachi ハチ(
Cosplayer name: kinoko/小菌と申 and Hachi
Nationality: Australia/Hong Kong (kinoko) and Thailand (Hachi)
FF Booth: Kinoko菌 / hachiハチ (Day 1: L05, L06, Day 2: K03, K04)

Cosplay Page: 迴紋針JianJian (
Cosplayer name: 阿針
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 迴紋針 (Day 2: K35, K36.)

Cosplay Page: 喵少(
Cosplayer name: 喵少
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 脫毛ET來了唷!(Day 1: K24, Day 2: J21.)

Cosplay Page: 南 米浮 (
Cosplayer name: みふ(Mifu) 南 ゆり(Minami Yuri)
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: Mifu cosplay (Day 2: K06)

Cosplay Page: 琉架=嚕卡Ruka 1/2の喜びと悲しみ(
Cosplayer name: 琉架
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 1/2 喜びと悲しみ (Day 2: K31)

Cosplay Page: ŘYÖYÃ ( and Akuna (
Cosplayer name: 涼哉, Akuna
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 涼哉xAkuna 周邊販售 (Day 1: K25, Day 2: J22.)

Cosplay Page: 杏仁果 x 果果Usagi (
Cosplayer name: 杏仁果果う さ ぎ
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 杏仁果 (Day 1: L07, Day 2: K05)

Cosplayer website:
Cosplayer name: Sugar*Miyuku
Nationality: Japanese
FF Booth: しゅがー*みゅく(Day 1: L12. Day 2: K17.)

Cosplay Page: 夜玖璃須 – YoChris (
Cosplayer name: Yo Chris
Nationality: Taiwanese
FF Booth: 社團名最多玖個字嗎?(Day 2: K33.)

As mentioned earlier; If there’s anything you’d like to get; do drop us a comment or message;
We’d like to assist where we can!😉

12 recommendations for Event Organisers on how to respectfully treat your Cosplay Guest(s)

To welcome the 2016 new year, here’s an out-of-the-ordinary post; meant especially for cosplay event organisers; as well as other members of the cosplay community to read, absorb, understand and debate.

That’s right, this is our perspective on how cosplay guests should be treated with respect by event organisers ^.^

1) Invite them way in advance before your event happens. Months! Not weeks!

People need sufficient time to research on your event and the information you’ve offered about it; to prepare costumes for each event day; to negotiate and prepare merchandise; be it photoshooting, post-processing, printing or packing.

2) Let your guests know precisely what they have to do for the event.

Come out with detailed schedules for them before they begin flying over to your country/city; the sooner the better.

Avoid last-minute changes to the schedule where possible. Where needed, seek out the guests’ approval or consult with them with full respect.
If you mess up your scheduling, let the guests know about your mistake(s) as soon as possible and discuss how you’d like to resolve it; and be sincere in your apology.

The MC that works with the guests is vital; get someone knowledgeable who doesn’t make it awkward for the guests on-stage, who can get the crowd roused up.

3) Plan a reasonable schedule of activity to resting time for your guests.
Even Saitama needs to sleep.

Take note, when in costume, ‘rest time’ in your activity schedule still reduces their HP due to the makeup and costume.

Don’t plan a packed morning to night schedule.

4) Travel arrangements.

Settle the visa and immigration issues properly, with lawyer guidance where possible.

Make sure their luggage limit is sufficient to bring necessities and costumes over and back home. Always remember. Some fans can be overly enthusiastic and present gifts such as gigantic Gundam kits. (Never forget.)

Let your guests know the plane details properly, way in advance, not the week of their trip.

Give the guests proper guidance on where to go upon arrival in the terminal. Arrive in time, taking traffic jams into account, so your guest won’t have to wander around the airport and be forced into bribing airport guards.

Pick a suitably large transportation vehicle so they won’t have to squeeze.

Plan the transportation so guests won’t have to wait for hours for other guests to arrive so that they can move off together.

Make sure your driver is someone trustworthy, someone who won’t get lost and be able to respond to communication from you. (Of course, not while he’s driving halfway!)

Account for traffic jams, especially in packed cities. Always have buffer times.

Take full responsibility for your guest’s travels, do not abandon them at the airport, send them all the way to walk into the departure gate restricted area, not just drop them off at check-in. Do not give your guests money to take their own accommodation back from their accommodation to the airport.

Apply proper performance/artist visas for your guests, do not get them sent into jail or be forced to pay heavy bribes/fines.

5) Accommodation, accommodation, accommodation.

Pick a suitable place for them to stay; don’t make the location too easy for fans to guess, nor should information on their hotel/residence leak out.

Be wise, don’t select a location that is out-of-the-way from both venue and airport.

The hotel shouldn’t look like it hosts ghosts, should have decent food, no bugs, great lighting and a full body mirror where possible for costume preparation. Comfortable beds are a must. Highly recommended to have hair dryer, ironing board and strong wifi.

Security, no fans should be able to reach the doors to stalk or knock (Why would the fans even know their room? Really? Hmm.)

Don’t select a strange place where the guests have to stay with, for example, contestants for a competition they are judges for or other strange people that should not be there; in the same room or just adjacent, or where bathrooms are shared.
Guests are guests, contestants are contestants, treat guests with the status that you’re conferring them with for the event, properly.

After guests have been confirmed, find out if they are comfortable in sharing a hotel room before putting two of them together, it might be really awkward.

6) Freedom.

Afford your guests as much freedom as you can, while letting them know that it is their responsibility to stay sufficiently rested and arrive punctually for your planned event activities, of course.

It is your duty to let the guests know, if they have friends who wish to meet up or shoot with you, the guests should let you know in advance so you’ll know where they’ll be and what they’re doing. But be lenient, you shouldn’t be over-controlling on the non-event time of the guests.

If you plan for additional activities outside of the event, such as guiding the guests around your city attractions or going for dinner, let the guests know in advance, as per point 2 above regarding schedule.

Allow the guests to roam around the event venue during their free time if they wish to do so; with sufficient protection/crowd control for them.

7) Event fees, compensation and merchandise sales.

Be fair in event rates for the guests, do not treat them as your cheap event PR or marketing labour for your sponsors. Negotiate terms fairly with them, understand that eventually they’ll find out what each other’s rates are so just treat all guests with respect in their terms.

Provide payment on a timely manner; have some financial buffer for potential compensation issues. Be properly accountable for the guest’s merchandise and stock count at the end of the day.

Do not overcharge the fans for meeting the guests.

Educate the booth sales personnel sufficiently, enforce the proper rules so that there isn’t any cases of over-obsessive fans hogging the merchandise or autograph time period of the guest.

8) Welfare, medical issues.

Cookie for you if you get this.

Internet cookie for you if you get this ref!

Ensure your appointed guest helper is always on the lookout for their physical welfare when interacting with fans, as well as their health, dehydration issues, etc.

Provide sufficient food and water backstage, at judging tables, etc.

Find out individual food allergies and preferences for each guest; as well as their medical issues and have standby medical assistance just in case.

Edit: (Added on request) Please ensure your guests get the opportunity to eat. Some may wonder if its a culture thing to skip breakfast in your country; but usually it isn’t, so please remember to feed your guests!
Let them enjoy the glory of food culture in your state; be a nice host.
Don’t starve them until they have to take the initiative to ask for a natural meal, its something quite embarassing, honestly.
And no, taking them to the big M frequently isn’t really nice, either. Not everyone likes fast food; some may be on diets; its always good to have a quick discussion with them if you’re unsure about what food they may like.

Have a private, well-ventilated and sufficiently large resting area for the guests; segregated into gender where necessary, with a good movement plan to take the guests rapidly from event locations to the resting area.
Oh, WiFi at the resting area’s great too.

9) Helper proficiency.
Appointed personal helper to guest. Make sure the helper actually can communicate with a common language confidently with the guest!

Let the helper communicate with the guest in advance to make prior arrangements before the trip.

The helper must know what the guest needs help with, the full schedule of the guest in advance; as well as to be able to call out to security for assistance in crowd control and security issues.

On top of all, do ensure the helper is trustworthy, treats the guest with respect at all times, will not disappear halfway, will not actively seek to solicit ate the guest for photos/autographs/favors for themselves or their friends.

10) Do not hold your guests accountable for the behaviour of their fans, or demand your guest to apologise on behalf of them to you.

11) Marketing and PR.

Provide sufficient exposure for your guests before the event; and certainly not at their expense.

Be sure your helpers are prepared to shield the guest from sensitive media queries or overenthusiastic photographers.

12) Always be polite, respectful and professional in your communication with or about the guest.

Do not speak badly about them online, things have a way of getting to the source.

Do not hold grudges, do not get the guest arrested and jailed/deported just because she comes for your competitor’s event.

If the guest is unable to make it for the event for a reasonable cause, be gracious about it.

Be courteous, respectful and nice to the cosplayers, your staff, the fans, everyone! Enjoy the event together; have a great event!

Have any opinions or suggestions to the list? Simply comment below, or let us know on facebook at !